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Hill Street Blues--Where are they now?? Part 2


Charles Haid: Officer Andrew Renko

Charles Haid had been on numerous TV shows including "Gunsmoke" "Barney Miller", "The Walton's", Police Woman", all prior to the Hill.

Since Hill Street, he has been in episodes of "The Twilight Zone", 
"Criminal Minds", "Nip & Tuck". In 2010 he did "In Plain Sight" in an uncredited role and did a voice-over for a short film "The Wait".

Micheal Warren: Officer Robert "Bobby" Hill
Micheal Warren worked on a few police series before getting the call from the hill. "Adam 12", "S.W.A.T.(TV Series 1975)and "Charlies Angels" just to name a few.
Since then he has been on "227", "A Different World", "Soul Food"(TV Series- 2002-2004).
Micheal also appeared in "Lincoln Heights"(TV show)2007-2009 and one episode of "Criminal Minds" and "Single Ladies"(TV 2011)where he plays Malcolm Sr.

James Sikking: Lt. Howard Hunter
James Sikking would also have his share of police TV shows in such shows as "Perry Mason", "Adam 12", & "Ironside".
After being on The Hill he would also have his share of success.
"Who's The Boss", "Hunter", & most of all "Doogie Howser M.D. as Dr. David Howser from 1989-1993."Brooklyn South" for a year 1997-1998 & "The Guardian" from 2001-2002.
Since then he has been in "Curb your Enthusiasm" and "Wild About Harry"(film)in 2009.

Veronica Hamel: Joyce Davenport

Veronica also starred in Police shows over the years including Hill Street.
Starsky & Hutch 1976-1978 after the Hill she starred in allot of made for TV movies 1989-1997 she would star in 15. It wasn't until 2001 where she would be in another Television show, Philly until 2002. Her last success would be LOST for 6 years she was Margo Sheppard 2004-2010.

Rene EnrĂ­quez was in Serpico, Police Woman, The Rookies & Chico & The Man 1974-1977. He would be one of the more seasoned actors when Hill Street came around.
He would be in two TV movies and Bulletproof with Gary Busey in 1988 these would be the last things for him as he passed away March 23, 1990, of Pancreatic Cancer.

Ed Marinaro: Officer Joe Coffey

Ed would have some success early on for Laverne & Shirley he would play Sonny St. Jacques / Antonio DeFazio (1980-1981). Then from 1981-1986 Hill Street would be his home, after that Falcon Crest for a year. Sisters from 1991-1994.
2011 he was in a few episodes of Days of Our Lives & plays Coach Marty Daniels on Blue Mountain State 2010-2011.

Barbara Bosson: Fay Furillo

Barbara was successful as well having served two years on McMillan & Wife(1974-1976)she would also appear on one episode of L.A. Law & Mike Hammer before annoying the gang at Hill Street. She would play Fay Furillo the Captain's annoying ex-wife. After her run at the Hill she would be in Hooperman(1987-1989) & Civil Wars(1992-1993). Her last work was Murder One(1995-1997).

Robert Hirshfeld: Officer Leo Schnitz

Robert was Vern Eggly on Lou Grant(1979-1981)after Hill Street he would have an episode of Hunter or Webster. He had a big run on Law & Order from 1991-2004 and would appear in a short film Mindy in 2010.

Micheal Conrad: Sgt Phil Esterhaus

Micheal had his share of TV and film long, long before he climbed that last Hill being that this would be the last show of his life dying of Urethral Cancer in November 1983.
He would be in shows like:
Car 54: Where are you?, Route 66(1960-1963), Brenner(1959-1964), Mannix(1970-1973) & Emergency(1973-1975)plus many, many other shows.

There are so many actors that shared the stage on Hill Street Blues this looks like it will go to a third-round, yet.

Thank you for reading this.
Written by
Anthony Nadeau

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