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Independent Film Review: Blank City: A Movement That Is Still Relevant Today

Well known film critic Roger Ebert had nice things to say about this documentary about the The Art, Music & Film Movement in New York City in the 70's & 80's, however his closing statement was something I did not agree with at all.

 I saw a number of these films at the time, liked a few. 
This doc is interesting and worthy, but it is unlikely to send 
you seeking most of the films sampled in it. That was then, 
this is now, and it was fun while it lasted.(copyright: Roger
July 6, 2011)

I totally disagree with that statement I just finished watching this fascinating film about all these great artists. Now whether or not these films went on to a bigger and better place or they made millions that is the point he is missing and clearly did not see the films for what they were(are) intended for.If he wants to discuss what the 60's-70's films or even previous decades those were fun but they are over now you could argue that for every decade that has come and gone.

Jim Jarmush

They are filmmakers & artists first they are not studios, corporations or Micheal Bay. I enjoy seeing this type of film, Hollywood needs a wake up call and this kind of filmmaking is being made now, why? because of this group of people. David Lynch's Eraserhead was Independent, Taxi Driver was very gritty for its day, but films like Pink Flamingos(John Waters) and Stranger Than Paradise(Jim Jarmush)were being made as well and they had an audience all their own.

Deborah Harry(Blondie)

There are known punk rock, popular music in here as well, but it focuses more on the element of the city and where everything was headed. I have been inspired by this film and the types of films and music that came from this period. I will go and try to find some of these films I am sure as it was mentioned in this film that they should be available on line.
I have had my eyes opened as we all have seen the Stephen Spielberg, Tobe Hooper, George Lucas, Francis Ford Coppola films there are other films that deserve to be seen as well.

In This Photo:                  Nick ZeddMonica Casanova

II will now give credit to all the filmmakers, artists & musicians that appeared in the film, either dead or alive great artist or not (all based on preference anyways)as they appeared in the end credits for the film.
The end credits were cool as well and were done by 
Nate Milton & Vanessa Roworth

People that were in the film

Amos Poe, Ann Magnuson, Becky Johnston, Beth B, Bette
 Gordon, Cassandra Stark Mele-aka-Rosanne Mello, Charlie Ahearn, Daze, Debbie Harry, Eric Mitchell, Fab 5 Freddy, Glenn O' Brien, Jack Sargent, James Chance, James Nares, JG Thirlwell, Jim Jarmush, John Lurie, John Waters, Kembra Pfahler, Lizzie Borden, Lung Lee, Lydia Lunch, Manuel Delanda, Maripol, Micheal McClord, Micheal  Oblowitz, Nick Zedd, Pat Place, Patti Astor, Richard Kern, Sara Driver, Scott B, Steve Buscemi, Susan Seidelman, Tessa Hughes Freeland, Thurston Moore, Tommy Turner, Vivienne Dick.

I look forward to finding some of these filmmakers films I really enjoyed the clips for Nick Zedds films and look toward doing some more work on this subject somewhere down the road.

Thank you for reading this
Written by
Anthony Nadeau

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