Monday, January 23, 2012

What Scares You?: The Thing(2011)

This being the second remake of the original The Thing(1951)(above) and John Carpenter's The Thing(1982)(right)

I was wondering if there was anything original left, well kind of-but not really. The only real difference here is Mary Elizabeth Winestead who takes the helm, 

she does a good job of what some would say is a tribute to Ripley(Sigourney Weaver) from Alien she is an attractive woman and had me convinced in her role here. Kurt Russell and Kenneth Tobey respectively were the leads in the first two.

If you are a true fan of horror and have seen the other like I have(I own the 1982 version)then you might want to see it like I did just to see it, but you are not missing anything if you don't there are no surprises here-

The Thing(1982)

The Thing(2011)

The aliens were better 
coming from John Carpenter also he has a way with the actors and the mood of a film where this falls flat on its face for the lack of originality. The trailers always look better than the final product(sometimes).
I was looking forward to enjoying this film as I love monster movies but what a let down.

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Anthony Nadeau

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