Friday, February 24, 2012

The Artist Movie Review

This film has NO color & NO sound!!
Directed by:Michel Hazanavicius


Jean Dujardin as George Valentin
Bernice Bejo as Peppy Miller
John Goodman as Al Zimmer
James Cromwell as Clifton
Penelope Ann Miller as Doris

This film has already won itself a number of awards including:

For Best Picture:
Austin Film Critics, Australian Film Institute, The BAFTA Awards, Boston Society of Film Critics Awards, Boston Film Critics Association Awards,  Capri, Hollywood, Cinema Writers Circle Awards(Spain),  The Golden Globes, The Goya Awards, Hampton International Film Festival, London Critics Circle Film Awards, London Film Festival, The National Board of Review,  New York Film Critics Circle Awards, PGA Awards, Phoenix Film Critics Society Awards, San Diego Film Critics Society Awards, San Sebation International Film Festival, Saint Jordi Awards, St Louis International Film Festival(Audience Choice Award), Vancouver Film Critics Circle, Washington DC Area Film Critics Association Awards, 

For Best Actor:

Australian Film Institute, The BAFTA Awards, Cannes Film Festival, The Golden Globes, Hollywood Film Festival, London Critics Film Awards, National Society of Film Critics Awards,USA , Phoenix Film Critics Society Awards, San Diego Film Critics Society Awards, Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Wow! All I can say is Wow!
Being someone that has seen more movies than just about anyone that I have ever met, I can honestly say without a shadow of a doubt that this is one of THE BEST films I have ever had the absolute pleasure of seeing. 
From the moment he has left the theater of his latest release George Valentin(Jean Dujardin) is mobbed by the cameras and the press. To the right is his adoring fans one of which drops something and in her rush to pick it up she accidentally bumps into George.They laugh for a minute and they start to ham it up for the cameras. She is cast as an extra in one of his films unknown to both the performers and much to both of their delights.
There is an incredible scene that had this been in any other film it would not have worked Peppy goes to George's dressing room hoping to find him there and thank him for his kindness. The room is empty, however his suit and tie & hat are there. Peppy then pretends that George is there with her, great work here.

Her big break comes over time as we see her in the audience with others watching herself on screen and slowly her name starts to head towards the top of the billing.
Then sound is introduced.

This frightens and makes George mad to the point he refuses to do sound and then writes, produces, stars & even directs his own silent films. He has lost his audience as the "talkie" is where it at and the NEW and young star is now Peppy Miller,  the star he made from his heydays.
With things looming for George his latest is film premieres to a handful of people and then he goes bust from the Stock Market Crash, things are bad for him.
George falls into a depression and things are dark and heavy,  through the 2nd half of the film, he attempts suicide after things hit rock bottom it is Peppy that is there for him through it all, she helps him get things back to normal.

In 1927 Al Jolson's The Jazz Singer was released and it is to some to be the first "Talkie" there are argument's abound as to what it actually was whether it was a gangster film or another film. That being the case this film would garner the most notice as he would perform in black face which even back then was controversial.
                           If it were not for silent film we would not have the staples of that era, Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton. We would not have films like Nosferatu(1922)with Max Shrek or The Cabinet of Dr Calagari, The Great Train Robbery just to name a few those are of course the bigger names of those times. 
But now filmgoers have become so stuck in modern society with their Smartphones and all the Apps a person could possibly want and more that when people went to see this in theaters they went to the box office and demanded their money back not knowing it was a silent film, hmm Technology? Smartphones? Hmm.

I felt that this was one of THE most clever and uplifting films I have ever seen, shows you that there are those that will stick with you through it all and when things could not get any worse there they are ready to help pick you back up.

Thank you for reading this
Written by
Anthony Nadeau

This film breathes so much life that it is breathtaking even though there is no color present. The love of film of old is ever apparent in every shot. There also is no sound I so applaud anyone that even had a small part of this film and for the director, screenwriter the actors(all of them)and the studio to have the guts to release a film like this in this world of Digital 3D overblown garbage, to end up giving us one of the most amazing feats in Cinema today(or any age for that matter)

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