Sunday, February 5, 2012

In The Cheap Seats Review: Trust

This is a movie that had so much potential to be something better than it was. The trailer sets everything up for us basically,Clive Owen and Catherine Keener have a daughter that is 14 just celebrated a birthday and they got her a laptop. Now she has found out about chatting via her iPod so she then chats on her new laptop.
She meets a boy in a chat room and there is an instant attraction, at first only by him she has not seen him yet. First he is in high school, like her then in collage then he's a senior etc, they agree to meet at the local mall.
She as well as we are shocked that he is in fact a man in his 30's, he has totally tricked her into this situation and the rest is uncomfortable to watch from here out.
 There are so many movies out these days where the woman(no matter what age)is the victim, I personally am tired of this type of film and in no way find this entertaining.
If this had been done by another filmmaker than David Schwimmer(Friends) than this might play better than an afterschool special.
Clive Owen and Catherine Keener are much better than this movie ever could be but with the right work it could have been better.
The emotions are so held in and there is little emotion from either character of the parents, the child here felt like she was on her own.

I have seen so many movies, The Accused, I Spit on Your Grave, The Last House on The Left, & this one they all made me feeling numb and ashamed to be apart of this world as a man.
I realize that there is a message here but it gets lost in the bad story and directing

The House Lights Are Up
Time To Leave
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