Thursday, February 9, 2012

Magical Music: Hilary Grist at Soundstage at The ACT

'She certainly has the goods...' -The Province
'Storyteller's feel...'  -The Vancouver Sun
'Solid songs from the heart...'  -Americana UK 
'Extremely talented and intelligent artist...'  -Herizons Magazine
'The next stranger darling under your radar...'  -Left Hip Magazine

I had the pleasure of seeing Hilary perform here in town  at the Maple Ridge ACT , her first concert here in ten years. It was a intimate performance in the lobby of the theatre for maybe 25 people in attendance.
She stood behind the piano(keyboards)and played the piano so effortlessly and sang with beauty and passion her voice carried through the building.

She smiled through her entire performance, for this session she was not paid although there was a plastic container for donations from the audience she was standing beside me when Ivan gave the container to her she stuffed the monies into her pocket.
She is as pleasant to visit with as is her music I told her music (to me)is a cross between Tori Amos and Sarah McLaughlin she said she would accept that as Sarah was an idle of hers growing up.
Being next to her at the end of the night I was able to meet her piano teacher and told her she did a great job and once it was all done I chatted briefly with her parents whom I know from their visits to my store where I work.

I have enjoyed listening to her CD I bought from the show:
This is not an album for all as she has a soft voice and nice lyrics nothing vengeful or hateful, this is coming from someone that likes loud rock and roll and heavy metal. But has another part of him that loves to support the arts of all types and Hilary's voice and rhythms are wonderful to the ears.

Two songs are tributes to towns she has lived "Tall Buildings" the first song I had heard by her only because it is the first video on her You Tube page, is a tribute to the rat race of Vancouver as she now lives in Kitsalano. "Back in Town" is a funny ode to her hometown of Maple Ridge.
My favorite track that I cannot stop playing off this album is "Right for You" I loaded my MP3 player with this album and played this song about 20 times yesterday after work, I had a few things to do go to the library etc and then walked home I find her voice so beautiful on this song and really hits home for me the lyrics and all the accompanying music.
I really look forward to seeing her again, I feel honored to have met her see her perform and get her CD all in one night.
She has the potential to be a successful performer and one day everyone that attended Tuesdays FREE concert can say I saw her when.......

After Hilary was done her performance they have an open mic where other songwriters go to the stage and share their music as this is put on by Ivan Boudreau who is only a volunteer, but has so much passion for this event,  he was the first to share his music.

He is a gifted artist and hosts all the Soundstage events they take place every first Tuesday of the month. If you like good music and FREE events then I encourage you to come out for this. I mean one man came all the way from Point Roberts to be in on this event and will headline the event in April.
The whole evening starts at 7 pm until 9 it supports local music, so that is a good thing and gets a stage for those just starting out as well.
I will be attending all the events here.

Thank you for reading this
Written by
Anthony Nadeau

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