Thursday, February 23, 2012

Reviews of Movie Recently Watched

This film is hopefully the "Final" nail in the coffin as this has grown to be tiring.

I do not know what the big deal is about Ryan Gosling or this film for that matter, he is a driver that has no personality at all that's OK but Gosling is so bad in this film I found it to be a poor man's Micheal Mann's Thief with James Caan.

Well I think if you ever saw "Jaws" or any shark movie then you know what to expect here, nothing new at all.

If at first you don't succeed re-build and try again, right? Maybe they should have tried that with the script here. One review says it's Rocky with Robots, yea OK!? This film has about as much emotion as a Transformers movie.

This movie pleasantly surprised me it is nothing new here allot of it is similar to what we have seen before. The film starts with a robbery of an armored truck, while that happens our family is travelling for a holiday. The thieves then use the families truck for stashing the monies stolen then a cat and mouse game ensues this is where the movie really picks up and has some really good chase scenes and action to keep the action fan happy.

Here is another enjoyable film that I never thought I would end up enjoying I saw the trailer and I did want to see this and this is a really good film. Sarah Jessica Parker plays a mom that takes on all challenges at work and at home. She is really enjoyable here in this role she did a really good job. This is coming from a person that is not a Sarah Parker fan.

This sequel is better than most lately there is a decent story here and enough action to keep the kids entertained.

 Now this is most fun I have had watching a horror movie since probably The Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn. Tucker & Dale are hillbillies that are really nice guys and misunderstood by the college kids that are up in their neighborhood. The kids think they are serial killers and so they try to kill Tucker & Dale, much to their own demise, this kept me laughing allot. Only a true horror fan can appreciate the jokes whether you care for the jokes or not if you don't watch horror films-the jokes won't be worth the view.

Pollyanna McIntosh scared the shit out of me in her performance of The Woman one of the most intense performances I have ever witnessed male or female. She plays a woman that has lived in the wild for what seems her whole life she is captured by a hunter and taken home with him. He shackles her to the root cellar roof and treats her poorly which brings out more of the animal in her. I will give this a full review on the site as it deserves it.

Stephen King is known for redoing his stories over and over again. Well this time Luc Besson takes a page from his book and has re-done his own films partly. The start of the film is taken right out of Leon/The Professional where Jean Reno teaches a very young Natalie Portman how to be a hitman, same here but we fast forward 15 years to avoid the connection.
As his great film La Femme Nikita there is a hitwoman and she is the best(aren't they always?), well the story is a revenge story here however she still takes requests. This could have been allot better but it was way too familiar. You have the FBI agent that is on the take from the mob & the cops can't find the toilet paper to wipe their asses etc. Nothing is cleared up here except that if this does well there might be a sequel 

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