Thursday, March 15, 2012

35 years ago Three's Company was born

Three's Company will always have a place in my heart the mishaps and the classic misunderstandings that happened in every episode.
Based on the British series "Man About The House" with a definite spin on things American style, this grew to be one of the most watched shows of all time.
With the best friends Jack & Larry to Janet & Chrissy Mr & Mrs Roper Mr Furley & Lana the cast was not huge but it's work ethic and family feel backstage made it feel more real.

There was Mr. Roper who totally objected to Jack staying in the apartment , so Janet & Chrissie tell Mr. Roper that Jack is gay and there are so many things said and expressed that would not fly today as it is just not proper to do so.
He would often raise his hand to signal the ringing of a bell and call Jack a Tinkerbell.
Regardless of all that there were many times that Mr Roper  was helped by Jack and things were better but the second he felt something was happening Jack was out of there.
It was a very sexual show and that is where allot of the ratings boards at the time had problems with it.

This is from The Spokane Daily Chronicle
May 15, 1978
Sears, Roebuck & Co., says it's withdrawn it's advertising from the TV shows "Charlie's Angels" & "Three's Company" because the programs had too much sex.
A Sears spokesman  said the withdrawals are in keeping with a continuing policy that the Sears commercials have been withdrawn for about 70 shows-including Made for Tv movies-in the last year.
Other recent withdrawls he said are "Barnaby Jones" & "The Six Million Dollar Man"
That being said their own catalog that year for Christmas would have pictures of butt shapers etc.

This will always be one of my favorite shows of all time, to the point the family watches them quite often as we have the entire series on DVD now

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Anthony Nadeau

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