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Grimm's Snow White--Contains Spoilers to the film

Starring: Jane March, Eliza Bennett & Jamie Thomas King.
Directed By: Racheal Goldenburg 
Cinematography by: Alex Yellen
Released by: The Asylum Home Entertainment.

With other titles being released this year about Snow White being Mirror, Mirror starring Julia Roberts and Snow White & The Huntsman with Kristen Stewart. This is a big challenge on the major studios , being that it vastly changes the landscape of the story we have all come to know and love.
Jane March as The Queen

At the opening of the film it starts very similar to that of The Lord of the Rings with the voice over and visuals.
The King has been lead into the forest and tells the Huntsman that they must return as he feels it is not safe there. They are attacked by a beast and only The Huntsman returns to the castle.
With her husband dead the Queen(Jane March-Clash of the Titans(2010)has her eyes on the Prince Alexander(Jamie Thomas King-Tinker, Tailor, Sailor, Spy-2011)
for if she is to marry him and then have him killed she will inherit all his property and all the land will be hers.
Snow White is far from the Snow White that we are used to Eliza Bennett(Inkheart & Nanny Mcphee)
Eliza Bennett as Snow White
Snow White sees the Prince in the castle and she is quite smitten by him. The Queen does her asking of the mirror who is the fairest of the land and we all know the answer, she then plots to kill Snow White.
Jamie Thomas King as Prince Alexander

Prince Alexander gives Snow White a ring that was passed onto him by his mother. Snow White had been at a convent prior to her father's death and the Queen is sending her back there, at least that is what she tells Snow White.
The Huntsman is told to take her to the forest and kill her and bring The Queen her heart.
The Huntsman brings along one of the Queens men and they are attacked by a beast, the man is killed and the Huntsman takes his heart to The Queen.
Jane March as The Queen & Thomas Nash as Hunter Aberle

Probably the strongest scene is where Prince Alexander finds out from the Queen that Snow White is dead this happens behind closed doors and nothing is heard but sad music.
Snow White is rescued by Elves(yes that's right)and they take her to their cabin in the woods and help her heal. The Prince finds out that she is in fact alive and leaves the castle to find her.
Snow White also leaves her place with the Elves and unaware to her and the Prince the Queen has unleashed her dogs.

Orlando(Alan Burgon)(above) the leader of this group of Elves goes on a quest where he hopes to find other elves to help fight The Queen. He is defiantly one of the better actors in this film, this being his first film not a bad start.

The film ends with a battle and the thought of Snow White's love dying is not something the elves will let happen after all it must have a happy ending, right?

The Directing and Cinematography are quite good in this film. The acting was good except for Jane March she did not feel evil to me , the other actors did their parts. I felt the pacing was off on allot of it, the scenery was beautiful. As I found out from watching the Behind The Scenes segment of the video this was shot in Vienna and the castle they used for some of it was The Castle Rosenberg-West of Vienna.
Jane March as The Old Woman

At it's very heart this is a fairytale and for that I enjoyed it overall and this is worth seeing even with the competition breathing down this one's neck.

I would like to thank The Asylum for giving me this screener from Courtney and hope to receive more from them in the future.
I thank you for reading this
Written by
Anthony Nadeau

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