Friday, March 30, 2012

Love For All Things Metal-4ARM!! Thrash is Back!!

This is getting to be a great year for Heavy Metal with 3 Inches of Blood and their current release "Long Live Heavy Metal" and there is another band that is making waves at least as far as my ears are concerned.
They are 4ARM from Australia and they have a sound like old Metallica and Slayer and I LOVE their sound.

Let's see if you agree with me or not.
I have posted this video before but their New video got posted today and I will have that next.

This song is the title track from their explosive album of the same name:

Here is their NEW video that they posted on their Facebook page about an hour before I wrote this and now with two videos for this AWESOME album I had to share for those that have not heard them before!

Track Listing for 4ARM:
Submission For Liberty

01. Sinn Mact Frei
02. While I Lie Awake
03. Raise A Fist
04. Submission For Liberty
05. The Oppressed
06. I Will Not Bow
07. Taken Down
08. My Fathers Eyes
09. The Warning
10. Blood Of Martyrs

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Written by
Anthony Nadeau

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