Sunday, March 4, 2012

Love For All Things Metal: Videos of new found music

Here I will show you some bands that I found while doing some reviews of other bands when I was looking for history on some other bands some of these showed up.

The first being Iced Earth. Now they have been around for a number of years, however sadly I have just found them.
These songs are from their NEW album.

Of course there are certain bands that will always be in the heart of metalheads  and one of those are Anthrax
Their new album Worship Music in my eyes does not have a bad track on the album.

Scott Ian Lead Gutarist for Anthrax has personally shared the next video and liked it on You Tube and the video has been viewed thousands of times.
RAM : This band has a classic sound to it while having a sound their own.

Arch/Matheos a band that is hard to describe to anyone they are kind of like Queensryche in their approach, the vocals are amazing and the music is haunting. At the end of the song the singer hits some amazing high notes and holds it there.

Here is the singer John Arch and Jim Matheos discussing the song

Primal Fear is another band that I really like the sound of as well.

Hope you enjoy this music as much as I do, if you want to see a video on here let me know and I will get it up for you.


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