Sunday, March 11, 2012

Independent Film Review: Noirmageddon: A Mark Anvil Thriller

Caution: This film is in Black & White(better known as Greyscale)

If cheese is what you after then why travel all the way to Chucky Cheese's when all you have to is watch a Thomas Berdanski film in the comfort of your own home.
The Cult of Moi & Vous Film Producioni famous in the circuits of horror and those that can appreciate it. Fangoria magazine in May of 2010 had the Italian Zombie Movie Parts 1 & 2 in its Chopping List.
They return now with Noirmageddon : A Mark Anvil Thriller, here we are treated to the suspense of the Private Eye that throws his business cards at possible clients hoping they might catch one.

Cloris(Christy Keizer) is an escaped prisoner from the local Psych ward and Mark(Jeff Bromley)almost turns her over his car.
 She tells him that she had to escape as they took all her clothes to keep her, sorry no cheap Roger Corman boob shots here folks.

I have to say if you cannot appreciate the work of something like Attack of the Killer Tomatoes OR Killer Klowns from Outer Space  or even The Toxic Avenger, then you really have no business watching this film.

Marks cars runs out of gas right in front of Greta's Pump & Creme if you have seen The Italian Zombie Movies Greta(Kathleen Price)was also in those.
He is knocked out and Cloris is brutally interrogated by Dr Kobayoshi's men. Mark then heads to the seedy part of town, there he finds  Mingo's(Jeff Bromley/Tim Berndt & voice by Thomas Berdanski) house and with much reluctance Mingo lets Mark in the house to taste his pies he is well known for.
Outside Mark uses Mingo's pies against him and gets some valuable information from Mingo, who is wearing a Giant Rubber Monster Movie(shameless promotion).

He then goes The Dr's apartment building there he is told by The Super(Count Gregula),who is wearing an Italian Zombie Movie t-short(yet another shameless promotion!)and his wife(Countess Gregula)that the Dr. was eaten by a shark about a month ago but they tell him about Dr. Flynn and the search continues.

I will not spoil the rest for you as there is a great fight beach scene, a shark attack, The Human Centipede makes an appearance, there are double crosses(not the religious type). There is bloodshed(damn No color!!)
Also if you saw the picture above this is near the end there is this ship.....sorry telling you more than I should already.

Thanks for reading this
written by
Anthony Nadeau

Here is the trailer for this film that runs for all of 22:11 minutes
(Don't worry you won't want those minutes back, well OK maybe some of you will)

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