Friday, March 16, 2012

On The shelf : The books they are dying

Announced two days ago that the Encyclopedia Britannica is going away from book form and is only going to be online digitally is astounding.
This picture(above)is of the first set of the series of books dated 1798.

There were many an add for the encyclopedias whether it be in a paper or magazine or even television.

Here is a commercial from the late 80's on this great book series.

So the Encyclopedia Britannica will be available online digitally, but there is few people that will use that over Wikepedia.

Here is the link to their site.


Onto some other sad news that Book Warehouse here in the Vancouver Area said yesterday that it is closing all of its locations down.
This is a GREAT book store I have been to two of the locations and came out of their West 10th store with about 15 books one day.
Such a sad state of where things are going, call me crazy but I love holding a book in my hand with everything going digital where are the blind or people that cannot read regular size print to go?

               Book Warehouse Closing video from Global BC

Sad to see all this happening.
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Anthony Nadeau

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