Saturday, March 31, 2012

Earth Hour March 31, 2012: We All Need To Do Our Part

We as people need to help the planet, we as people have helped make the planet the way it is now and for one hour out of our lives we can give back by turning the lights, TVs, Computers etc off.
This will help the resources that the Earth needs to help us feed our needs of our daily lives of computers all our gadgets and the cars that spew venom into the atmosphere.
Tonight at 8:30 PM where ever you might live I hope that you do that for yourself and all the others on this planet, for our children, our grandchildren etc, etc. Just do it because it's right.
I would LOVE to hear in the comments what people did with their time during that hour.

Even  Universal Studios and the creators of Despicable Me have changed the Lorax's moustache green in honor of Earth Hour.

I just think it is inspiring to see so many catching on to something so universal like this to help all that are on this planet.
In closing here is this years video for the campaign.

Also let me know if you went over an hour and what your plans are for change in your life to better help this planet evolve.
I choose to walk or ride my bicycle to work and elsewhere, I have no car beyond the fact I do not have a drivers license and cannot afford one. Also I like the air the space I am in when I walk or ride it gives me a freedom a vehicle never can.
Take Care of each other please & our planet it's the only one we have.
Thank you for reading this
Written by 
Anthony Nadeau

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