Friday, April 13, 2012

Adstock 2012 Fundraiser for the Event

If you haven't already done so the mark Friday April 27th on your calendar for that is the night when the annual Adstock Launch Party happens.
For just $5(yes you read that right)you get to see not one or two bands but four bands for $5.

Just added recently! ULTRA, ULTRA
NORTH HILL, DAMN THE EYES, CORNSHED & THE JEN HUANGS all performing live at the Hammond Church Hall.
This event will help fund Adstock for 2012 so if you are in the Lower Mainland why not stop by and get a fun night in for $5!

(below is from Adstock 2012's Facebook page)
Ladies and Gentlemen, tickets for ADSTOCK Launch Party w/The Jen Huangs, Damn The Eyes, North Hill, Cornshed are officially available from the following places!

In Maple Ridge:
Outer Limits Clothing located in Haney Place Mall!

In Pitt Meadows or elsewhere:
Message either Polya Eroujenets or Evan Wright! They'll happily get tickets to ya! Vancouver included.

Only $5 for 5 bands! The show is just over 2 weeks away! Get your tickets now!


                                 Damn The Eyes Facebook Page

                           Ultra, Ultra Facebook Band Page

So there you have it, but when you are done at this event just down the road in a place not Far, Far Away my friend Jonny Bones(The Bone Daddies)is having a party on his own. But he wants to have you join him for the screening of ,  none other than the 1968 "Classic" film;
George Romero's Night of the Living Dead. Again for only $5 you can see this film on the big screen at The Hollywood 3 Cinema:
Here is their Facebook page!

                   Horrorshow: Night of the Living Dead(1968)

Keeping with the tradition for the night this is also a fundraiser for The Ridge Radicals!

Thank you for reading this
Hope to see you at the show!
Written by
Anthony Nadeau

Here's a clue for you all, earlier this year I had bought 4 copies of 
"The Bone Daddies" CD's from Jonny Bones and when the Adstock launch party happens I will be there, with CD's in hand. So here is all you have to do is find me there at the show and if you want one just tell me you read this-then 1 of the Cds is yours. But remember there are only 4 copies so be quick if you want one!

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