Thursday, April 12, 2012

CD Review: Atoma-Skylight

March 30, 2012  (Napalm Records)

1. Atoma
2. Skylight
3. Hole in the Sky
4. Highway
5. Bermuda Riviera 
6. Resonance 
7. Solaris 
8. Rainmen 
9. Saturn and I 
10. Cloud Nine

Like Tangerine Dream before them Atoma seeks to generate a feeling through their orchestral/keyboard sounds. This band from Sweden three members take us on a journey with a group of astronauts take on the explored Cosmos as Earth has become inhospitable.

This groups sound is not new but I like it , non the less. They have a very space like sound to it all having listening to many groups very similar to this band.

Whole In The Sky is a reminder of what we have done to this planet as the group starts to leave our atmosphere and look back on the planet.

I can see the images of the earth landscape moving away like in a NASA video when the song Highway is playing, I visualize the sun and the moon in the images as well.

The interesting sounds for Bermuda Riviera are quite well, overwhelming of the senses in the fact the song just en-captures the ears and pulls you in. This is the strongest track on the album in what it is trying to do to the listener.

They really encompass the sounds as a musical instrument I grew up listening to Thomas Dolby and bands that used allot of synthesizers , I would say I prefer bands like Tangerine Dream over this band as some songs do work, however allot of it gets carried away and seems endless the tempo on allot of the songs are all over the place and lose the listener right away.

All in all I did not mind listening to this record it does put you in a mood to watch a space film, however it should enthrall you enough to make you want more I did not feel that need.

I thank you for reading this
Written by
Anthony Nadeau

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