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Canadian Cinema Editors Award Nominees(updated April 19, 2012)

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I am  honoured to announce the nominees for the 2012 C.C.E. Awards, to be held on May 17th at The Capitol Event Theatre in Toronto.  Congratulations to all the nominees!

Best Editing in Feature Length Dramatic
Lisa di Michele  -  "High Chicago" 
Roger Matussi, C.C.E.  -  "Afghan Jake" 
Matthew Hannam  -  "I'm Yours"
Ron Sanders, C.C.E.  -  "A Dangerous Method" 
Mark Arcieri  -  "House of the Rising Sun"

Best Editing in Long Form Television Series (1 hr. drama, comedy, family program):

Teresa De Luca, C.C.E.  -  Combat Hospital, ep110  "Reason to Believe"
Teresa De Luca, C.C.E.  -  Bomb Girls, ep102  "Misfires" 
Vesna Svilanovic  -  Murdoch Mysteries, ep413  "Murdoch in Wonderland"
Wendy Hallam Martin, C.C.E.  -  The Borgias, ep107  "Death, on a Pale Horse" 
Gareth C. Scales, C.C.E.  -  Flashpoint, ep417  "Priority of Life"

Best Editing in Television Movie or Mini-Series

Lisa Binkley, C.C.E.  -  Magic Beyond Words: The J.K. Rowling Story
Mike Lee, C.C.E.  -  Wrath of Grapes: The Don Cherry Story 2
Ron Wisman, Sr, C.C.E.  -  Committed
Don Cassidy, C.C.E.  -  The Kennedys Ep 4
David B. Thompson, C.C.E.  -  The Kennedys Ep 7

Best Editing in 1/2 hour Broadcast Short Form (under 30 min.)

Matthew Hannam  -  Michael: Tuesdays and Thursdays  Ep 4  "Sleeping with People"
Craig Webster  -  Less Than Kind, Ep 301 "Fugue State" 
Jay Tipping  -  Picnicface  Ep 106  "Storybook"
Gordon Thorne  -  Degrassi: The Next Generation   Ep 1107  "Cry Me a River, Part 2"
Brigitte Rabazo  -  Todd & the Pure Book of Evil  Ep 206 "Fisting Fantasy"

Best Editing in Documentary

Kathryn Dickson  -  "Fuelled By Passion: The Return of the Jets"
Roslyn Kaloo  -  "The Mystery of Mazo de La Roche" 
Michele Hozer, C.C.E.  -  "West Wind: The Vision of Tom Thompson" 
James Blokland  -  "Who's Sorry Now" 
Nick Hector, C.C.E.  -  "Wiebo's War"

Best Editing in Lifestyle/Reality
Jonathan Dowler  -  Undercover Boss, Ep 1003 "1-800 GOT JUNK"
Todd Hallam  -   From Spain with Love, Ep 1002 "Paella: Tradition in a Pan"
Robert Kraus  -   From Spain With Love, Ep 1001 "Basque Country"
Robert Ruzic  -   Fanboy Confessional,  Ep 102 "The Steampunk Edition"
Pete Watson  -   Amalfi Getaway", Ep 101 "Limone "

Best Editing in Animation

Annellie Samuels  -  Producing Parker, Ep 126 "Parker Prophecies" 
Annellie Samuels  -  Producing Parker, Ep 125 "Real Men Eat Parker"
Dan Lee  & Robert Henry  -  Sidekick, Ep 31 "Fortress of Maxumtude" 
Kurt Skyers  & Robert Henry   -  Scaredy Squirrel, Ep 22 "Perfect Pickle / Goat Police" 
Daniel Palmer  -  Dino Dan  "Where the Dinosaurs Are"

Best Editing in Short film

Michelle Szemberg  -  Business Ethics" 
Kyle WIlson  -  "I Spyders"
Brigitte Rabazo  -  "Getting Past the Bull"
John Nicholls  -  "The Sweetest Hippopotamus"
Dominique Naipaul  -  "Wilderness"

TICKETS FOR THE AWARDS ARE ON SALE USING PAYPAL at .  Associate Member applicants who apply by April 25th will be offered the member ticket rate of $60/pp .  Non-member awards ticket prices are $85/pp.

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