Thursday, April 5, 2012

CD Review: 3 Inches of Blood-Long Live Heavy Metal

Long Live Heavy Metal is not the only title for a great album but it also a statement for the longevity of heavy metal music over all. From when I first heard Heavy Metal , Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin etc I was hooked for the dynamics and range of it all. With 3 Inches of Blood their music just keeps improving year after year the clarity for writing a great Heavy Metal song.

Vocalist Cam Pipes had the following to say about Long Live Heavy Metal: “When a band is releasing a new record, they often speak about it being their most important work or best album to date. Regardless of how clich├ęd either statement may sound, I think we would say both apply to this album. All of us have a special feeling about this one. We‘re more committed than ever to the cause of real, honest, no bullshit heavy metal. No trends, no fucking around!” (from the band's bio)

The song Leather Lord definitely speaks those words with a no BS attitude heavy and pounding they sure know their way around the songs that would make any metal fan proud.

In my interview with Shane Clark(can be found on this website)he spoke of the slower song for this album which I really enjoyed sounds like something from Led Zeppelin.

The new album has an acoustic song I wrote called "Chief and the Blade" that is the same kind of idea.(regarding the song 12:34) There's a little more going on, its a 12 string tune with mandolin layered on it, Alia O'Brien from Blood Ceremony who is an incredible flute player played on it. I'm really happy how that song turned out. Having peaks and valleys throughout the album is something the band is really into.

I have found this to be one of the best albums I have had the pleasure of reviewing thus far in this job, with the no BS attitude it is the best way to play, write, & perform it on your own terms, no-one else. That is why I have always been a big RUSH fan for the same reasons as I am with allot of Heavy Metal bands they write for themselves first, a real artist always does.

This album works on so many different levels this bands sound comes together so well their sound is so fresh in the metal world where so many bands are taming their sound and trying to get radio play, these men stay true to metal.

Byron Stroud(Fear Factory, Strapping Young Lad)has joined the other members for this ride we call Heavy Metal and the band has welcomed him with open arms he has filled in for them in the past and done some business for them before as well.
The crafting of this album is so much better than most of what is out there right now musically. Also if you compare the lyrics of the band now and when they first started they have improved in many, many ways, & they keep rocking on!! Also they have so many elements here that you would never expect the keep growing musically like the song Men of Fortune, the great middle bridge-wow! sounds like something from the 70's great song!!

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Anthony Nadeau

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