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CD Review: 4ARM Submission for Liberty(2012)

Where Metallica stopped playing the thrash music they were so know for there is 4ARM and bands like Slayer just keep pounding the thrash every single album and never seem to slow. There are bands dying to open for them that should be 4ARM.

Sinn Macht Frei opens the album with a piano melody almost worthy of a nighttime lullaby then words are spoken by Charlie Chaplin from The Great Dictator  “We all want to help each other, human beings are like that”. “We don't want to hate and despise one another”.
All the first songs on the album rips a chord on the eardrums and is very much like the bands mentioned earlier , but this is their own sound here and it's damn good!

This is their video for Raise A Fist!
Crank It!!

Ever since I heard Metallica's Master of Puppets(1986)I have been hooked on Heavy Metal and all of it's sub-genres.

Raise A Fist does not disappoint either , this is only song three and I am hooked already to this band they definitely have a new fan with me. This is metal of old and I feel like a re-born Metal head.

The title track, also first single from the album is fast and heavy Danny Tomb the lead singer sounds like an early James Hetfield (Metallica)and the song has the tempo of Battery. Guitars blazing drums pounding vocals deafening and brutal, YES!!This song does not let up at all breakneck speeds on everything.

The Oppressed is another old sounding riff that just gets better as the song moves along they have made a name for themselves here with this album, as it seems that I am not the only reviewer that has only heard them until now, sad to say but I will searching for their other albums out to review.

Not to be outdone they keep the pace of this album as allot of bands will slow down a bit and let the listener catch their breath, that does not happen here with this album at all.

The rest of the album also kicks ass they have had a good run in 2010 they headlined a tour and opened for Testament on The Damnation Tour . Matt Hyde(Trivium, Machine Head, Slipknot)mixed the album. So if you like the bands mentioned you know his work.

4ARM's first album was released in 2005 and they had another in 2009, this current release was released February 6th , 2012.

My Father's Eyes, The Warning & Blood of Martyrs close out this heavy and brutal attack on the senses and this is great as there is always room for great Heavy Metal.

I for sure am a new listener to 4ARM , but will be looking for anything new in the coming years.

Here is the video for their title track crank this one as well!!

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Written by
Anthony Nadeau

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