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CD Review: Borknager URD

(Century Media Records)Release March 26, 2012

1. Epochalypse (6:08)
2. Roots (5:55)
3. The Beauty Of Dead Cities (4:15)
4. The Earthling (6:51)
5. The Plains Of Memories (4:27)
6. Mount Regency (6:08)
7. Frostrite (4:50)
8. The Winter Eclipse (8:45)
9. In A Deeper World (5:42)
10. Age of Creation (6.19)
Notice: The iTunes versions contains a cover of the Metallica song “My Friend Of Misery”)!

 With the release of the full acoustic album “Origin” in 2006 – capping off a decade of experimentation – BORKNAGAR made it
clear that no musical territory was taboo. It was a point driven home with the 2010 follow-up, “Universal”, an album that went well beyond black metal criteria and reached into the realms of ‘70s dynamics. Somewhere along the way, BORKNAGAR had become a sort of 21st century Pink Floyd. With their new album, “Urd”, the band has pushed forward once again, guaranteed to take even the most devout fan by surprise.
(from their bio)

That being said I am not sure why they felt it necessary to record Metallica's "My Friend of Misery" but maybe that's just me? Definitly the weakest song on the album.

From the first song "Age of Creation" to the last the sound is big and bold and great addition to this years awesome list of albums thus far this year.I feel it an honor to listen to such a great testament of what Rock & Metal has grown to over the years and that bands like this are still pressing forward and have the guts to do their own thing, never mind the masses they just keep putting out great music. This reviewer is going to try and track down their other CDs and review them as well. I feel this is worth it.

(quote from the band)
   “Urd” is representing the past,while “Verdande” is representing the present and “Skuld” is representing the future. You might very well say that this is an ancient expression of what we today know as DNA. And I have always been very fascinated by the fact that parts and bits of our DNA actually derive from the very beginning of time. All living creatures are somewhat connected to the very first organic cell. That is some of the story behind the album title- portrayed within the framework of the Bork- universe…”.

With great songs like "In a Deeper World" one can only wonder why this band is not getting more press than they are from all aspects not just the metal world. For that matter this whole album.

Indeed, one of deadliest weapons on “Urd” is BORKNAGAR’s ability to add surprising, interchanging colouring
and flavour to the songs by having not less than three very gifted and distinguishable vocalists within their current
line-up. Next to frontman Vintersorg (who carries the main vocal duties since 2001’s “Empiricism” album), it’s the
input by keyboardist Lars A. Nedland (a.k.a. “Lazare”, Solefald) and recently returned bass-player ICS Vortex
(Arcturus, ex Dimmu Borgir) - who actually used to handle main vocals on the albums “The Archaic Course”
(1998) and “Quintessence” (2000) - that lifts this release up to a whole new level of musical diversity and depth.
(from their bio)

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Written & compiled from the bands bio & band quotes by
Anthony Nadeau

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