Thursday, April 26, 2012

CD Review: Broken-Darkness Falls(2012)

I have been given the pleasure of reviewing albums now for Turkey Vulture Records

Song Titles:

1. Darkness Falls
2. Selfish Greed
3. Devil’s Ride
4. Bleed
5. Broken World
6. Upside-Down
7. Scapegoat
8. Pharaoh
9. Eternal Life
10. Last Laugh

Hailing from the N.W. Suburbs of Chicago & Belvidere, IL and consisting of four members. BROKEN's hard hitting sound is a hybrid mix of modern metal and hard rock twists blended seamlessly with old school roots from where metal and thrash began. This unique mix of sounds, catchy melodies, musical hooks, and strong vocals creates a thick sound that is truly their own. BROKEN signed with Turkey Vulture Records in May of 2011 and released a new full length cd titled "DARKNESS FALLS" on January 10, 2012.

This is an raw sounding, impressive band with some good riffs and tempo for a new band they sound quite good.
But as we know a band that is considered new has always been around for a few years that's how they get signed.
I like their sound as they sound like they were recorded in someone's garage on allot of the tracks and that is what Metallica sounded like when they first started as well. There is just some rawness about this record that allot of studios frown upon and try to clean it up when the tracks are layed, but not here. That has made me happy.
Some good sounds all around.

Here is an MP3 of one of their songs:

Broken -Scapegoat Mp3(click here to listen)

To buy Broken's album click the link below: 

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Written by(Bio of band from ReverbNation)
Anthony Nadeau

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