Thursday, April 19, 2012

CD Review: Drunk Souls -Revolution(2012)

Drunk Souls: Revolution(2012)

(Independent Music Promotions)

Track Listing
1-Drifter Song
2-Human Race
3-J'ai Fait un reve
6-L'amour dietetique 
7-Sullivan Story
8-Happy Death Day
12-Studium w Beili
13-The Fall
15-The End

This band from Marselle, France has been quite the hit over the world their first album was downloaded over 100,000 times songs like "Lust" & "Human Race" are already destined to be big hits.

This is a nice sounding group with some really original sounds and a great reggae feel with elements of pop there is so much more going on here musically.

Here is their video: Human Race

"Drifter Song" is full of energy and soul the bassline is catchy and is the reggae riff on the guitar.

This has such a fantastic energy throughout the entire album that one wants to get up and dance without a care.
Again another band that resists nothing when they write or perform a song. That is what music is all about is getting lost in the feeling of the album and the mood of the music, this one takes you away from anything you might have on your mind, like the song Happy Death Day, my favorite song is Supermarket a song full of sounds and energy.

Yet another album that is filling up the month of April for just some good all around music. There is so much creativity happening on this album it's hard to believe it is all the same band as all the songs have such a different sound and feel that the last one.

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Written by
Anthony Nadeau

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