Monday, April 2, 2012

CD Review: Frostbite-Valentine & Other Stories of Hope(2011)

Members: Christopher Lee Compton: All vocals and 

Instrumentation except *
 * Dan Leeds: Guitar solos: Valentine and Deceit

* Tim Latham Guitar solo: Veteran of the Psychic Wars

 Release date: August 30, 2011

Song Titles: But For The  Beating, My Darkest Dream, Valentine, The Metro, Yet Another Strain, Deceit, Devient Rien, Hurt, ...Of my Heart, Howl(bonus track), Veteran of the Physic Wars(bonus)

This mix of classic rock sounds and anthems in some parts is a musical treat to the eardrums-Valentine is a strong ballad with almost haunting vocals. Great guitar work throughout this album of a man that clearly has a gift for music.

My Darkest Dream has to be my favorite track on this album, with a real cool riff from the guitars & great baseline, kick ass drums and vocals deep and brooding.
These lyrics from the song:

"Clawing, tearing, screaming, scratching, ripping through my skin."

The sounds vary throughout this album where some tracks venture off into their own universe, others pull you right in and capture your thoughts and take you away from yourself.

Deceit has some need mixes of different sounds throughout 
blended with a great beat.

Deviant Rein is a ballad of sorts starting off with the sound 
of the the ocean & someone sobbing the guitar starts its riff 
that will fill the song throughout, great range of vocals on 
this one.

He has done a great job with the Johnny Cash song Hurt he 
also covers Veteran of the Physic Wars by Blue Oyster Cult. 
Both really good cover songs the later is a bonus track.
So he clearly is a fan of music in general covering such a 
range of artists and his own as well, he is deserving of your 

Thanks for reading this
Written by 
Anthony Nadeau

Christopher Compton remains a mystery his face is not 
anywhere to be found-I guess this being is he wants his 

music to speak for itself, I like that.

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