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Cd Review: Kontrust--Second Hand Wonderland-NEW Video! HEY DJ!(Updated March 16, 2013)

                                         Kontrust- Second Hand Wonderland
  • NEW VIDEO!  2013!
    Hey DJ!
  •                       Release Date: April 27, 2012


Sock ´n´ Doll Falling Monkey Boy U Say WhatThe Butterfly Defect Rasputin 
Bad Betrayer 

Adrenalin Hocus Pocus Raise Me UpHey DJ! Police 

This 7 piece crossover band from Austria has so many different sounds that will keep allot of people on the dance floor like with the song Sock 'n Doll where there is such great use of instruments such great use of instruments used(Accordion) reminds me  of when Jonathan  Davies(Korn)used bagpipes for Shoots N Ladders.

  • Preview Kontrust--Second Hand Wonderland

    There is so much happening just when you think the 
    album will have pop songs galore they rock it up and do a 
    good job of it here in Falling. If you think Korn and 
    Evanescence working together on an album and getting 
    some help from The Red Hot Chilli Peppers in their 
    earlier days then you have Kontrust.

  • This is their video "Bomba" which was a huge hit for them, also I love how low key this video is with all the massive money spent on some videos-this one seems to mock those.

    After receiving the Austrian Newcomer Award in 2006, KONTRUST was awarded with theAMADEUS Austrian Music Award in 2010.
    In august of 2011 KONTRUST plays the 17th annual Przystanek Woodstock festival in front of over 300.000 people and set a new record for largest audience ever played by an Austrian artist 

    There is NOT a bad track on this album at all this is a GREAT album. I do not generally like this type of music but it has so much energy on it and they keep it all freshand exciting. Rasputin starts with a Unukalhai and has a great beat and and exciting.

    In the middle of the song there is a dialogue in a voice similar to that of Tom Waits. That voice continues into Bad Betrayer, Adrenalin is one of the heavier songs on the album great guitar work on this one.

  • The group has really impressed this critic in their willing to push the boundaries where bands like Korn have released a new album that is very Techno, this band has mastered that sound. Hey DJ! Is a sound like The B-52's early sound albeit 2012, with a mix of Limp Bizkit in there for good measure. The song Police is a great song to end off the album

    This is their newest single Sock 'n' Doll


      This is their newest song from the album!!(June 7)


    Official Web Site:

    Myspace: Kontrust Myspace Page


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