Friday, April 13, 2012

CD Review: Lonewolf-Army of the Damned

1. Lonewolf (4:36)
2. Crawling to Hell (4:56) 
3. Army of the Damned (4:23)
4. Hellbent for Metal (3:09)
5. Soulreapers (3:07) 
6. Celtic Heart (5:59)
7. The Last Defenders (4:12) 
8. Cold (5:49)
9. The One You Never See (4:58)
10. Tally Ho (5:50) 
11. One Second in Eternity (3:40)

Lonewolf: Army of the Damned(2012)

(Napalm Records)Released March 30, 2012

If albums were merely given rating for their covers I would then give this one a five.

Lonewolf began their heavy metal crusade in

Grenoble, France in 1993. This is a band that has stayed with it all these years even though they disbanded for four years in 1996. In the year 2000 , Lonewolf  released their debut album, "March into the Arena", promoting it on an extensive tour that also took them to Greece’s Holocaust Festival, as well as allowing them to open up for Grave Digger’s first ever French show.

This is not a great album as far as I am concerned although I enjoy it for what it is and that is power metal. I can appreciate the effort to record an album but this just made me wanting more.However those of you who are fans I can understand when I listen to songs like "Lonewolf"

I enjoy what I do and try to give a fair review on music and I do like this album it just is not one of the ones I would play again.

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Written by   Anthony Nadeau

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