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British Columbia Talent: CD Review: Mold Colony: The Experiment is out of Contol(2007)

Song Titles: Space Monkey, Stroboscopic, New Housecoat, Crunch,
Finger In The Pudding, Paradise Grill, Pirate's Grill, Duggan's Dew,
Organic Baby, Mold Colony, Shaken Not Stirred, Boogey Man

Band Members: Ben Denslow-Lead & Backing Vocals
Kel-Guitars, Backing vocals, Keyboards
Pete Nielsen- Bass, Guitars, backing vocals
T.W. Tobin-Drums, percussion, backing vocals, verse(processed)vocal on Crunch, mouth harp & keyboards

Working on music for what will be their second album, Mold Colony debuts with this album of funk, rock and all around fun.
Chatting with T.W. Tobin through email he said this:
Though political, social or personal commentary is often embedded in there somewhere, it's all ultimately got to be rockin', fun, and entertaining .. to us first, and hopefully to others. 

Space Monkey starts the cd off with a great funk and rock sound, this is a very enjoyable album from four talented musicians in Victoria, BC.
New Housecoat has great vocals by Ben Downslow, words like "even when your tank is low/you can dance with Mary Joe" there is such a great work happening here by these guys, almost a Barenaked Ladies sound underneath, however something that is clearly all their own and I really look forward to more by Mold Colony.
Asked how they got the name for the band."Mold Colony was an idea that we thought reflected the band’s sense of humor fairly well. Philosophical answer: From the decaying influences of the past, musical ideas are released like spores, moving and evolving relentlessly forward, settling on a new generation to grow again."(from Mold Colony's Website)
There are some real rocking songs and just some written for fun Crunch has a cowbell present(yes a cowbell), Finger in the Pudding has the echo on the vocals with some great bass work and the band is really tight here on this one.
This is an enjoyable album I wish them all the best in the future of their  career.
Listen to Duggan's Dew and you will understand what I mean, this is an instrumental and really shows off their talents here. RUSH makes good instrumentals as well , they would like this one, allot of the middle section sounds very RUSH inspired. These four sure know their stuff, sound like they have been playing together for many , many years.
T.W. Tobin-I added this as the band pic had his face blocked.

I had found this band while working with Rockstar Weekly. I had contacted the band and T.W. kindly responded to my email and also the band kindly sent me a copy of their great Cd I am not just saying this because I got the free cd but these guys are really talented musicians and its a pleasure to listen to their music.
They are currently recording some new tracks for their next album and they will be releasing them as FREE downloads on these two sites.

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Written by
Anthony Nadeau

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