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CD Review: Moonspell-Alpha Noir & Omega White(2012)(Updated June 28 , 2012)

Song Titles
01. Axis Mundi
02. Lickanthrope 
03. Versus
04. Alpha Noir
05. Em Nome Do Medo
06. Opera Carne
07. Love Is Blasphemy
08. Grandstand
09. Sine Missione 

Forming in 1992 this Portuguese Heavy Metal band has been 
on a heavy track to success. This being my first time hearing them I quite enjoy the diversity of their music. Making a good mix between Hard Rock & Heavy Metal.
Photos by Paulo Moreira / Naked Fotografia
They had their first release in 1994 Moonspell was the first Portuguese heavy metal band to have a record certified gold status. They are huge in Germany.

This is turning out to be an awesome year for Heavy Metal, this band just keeps belting out great songs, the title song has a great mix of metal and some almost funk sounds.

The riffs are heavy throughout this album and some incredibly fast playing all around.

Here is the making of Lickanthrope

The songs just keep getting better as the album progresses and the playing is so well done a must have for any heavy metal fan!The mixture of the goth/metal sound is very good in Grandstand, there is not a weak song on this album. 

The song "Love is Blasphemy" is top notch heavy metal this is a no-nonsense song and gets right to the riff and the heavy drumming there is allot going on in this one song.
Photos by Paulo Moreira / Naked Fotografia

Here is the finished video that was out today
Friday April 13, 2012!
Perfect day for a video such as this one!

This is quite easily one of my favorite albums so far for 2012!
Here is a album preview of the album

& a preview of the BONUS album you get in the deluxe version of the album.

 (only available with the LTD Edition Mediabook & Deluxe Box!)

I was given an awesome gift as I was sent the Limited Edition of the album by Napalm Records the second Cd was not available for review-this reminds me so much why I totally prefer the physical copy of the album. The artwork & the all is awesome.That being said it is costly for the studios to send out the Cds all the time -so they send them via Mp3's.

White Skies
New Tears Eve
A Greater Darkness

 This is such a contrast of music to the first disc as this is quieter in many respects, more melodic and harmonies in the vocals. This just totally impresses and shows the diversity in their musicianship of the group. "Fireseason" has such an underlying sound that needs to be heard.

I am honored to have had the pleasure of hearing this entire album now all my thanks to the band to an incredible music adventure in my mind and thanks to Nathan at Napalm for sending me this album!

Read my Interview with Mike Gaspar Drummer for Moonspell

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Written by
Anthony Nadeau

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