Monday, April 30, 2012

CD Review: The Morning After-Legacy(2011)

This foursome reminds me of bands like "Poison" and "Bon Jovi" but let me state that they are not even in their league, let me also state that I have never cared for either prior mentioned bands.
This sounds like a watered down version of any band that came out of the '80's and that's OK if that sound is fresh or similar to that era-this is neither.They are a party band maybe, but the party was long over.
Now this is pop/radio friendly rock music and it is OK for those that don't care for Heavy Rock/Metal, but I have heard so many bands that have this same sound-there is nothing new here.
There are people out there that like this type of rock music.
Here I will let you the viewer decide whether you like them or not.

In the previous video it does seem like the lead singer is having allot of fun performing and maybe they don't want to be taken so seriously-I don't know but I just have no liking for this album at all.
This is the first album I have reviewed that I have not been able to enjoy even slightly, sorry guys better luck next time?
This is my first time hearing "The Morning After" but I understand their first album was quite good compared to this one.

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Written by
Anthony Nadeau

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