Sunday, April 8, 2012

CD Review: Nancy Magarill

Nancy Magarill-The Carousel

Track Listing
Damn Boy, 
Where Are All the Beautiful People?
Love Goes Where Loves Goes(Remix), 
I am Not A Monster, 
Circus Is Back in Town, 
Wake Up(remix), 
What Would We Do if the World Stopped?(Remix)

Nancy hails from New York City she produces, composes and performs her own music.

Boom” starts it all, this mood album somber and yet evoking the eardrums with all its sounds, nicely. “I can be clever when I want to” she sings softly.

Damn Boy” is a catchy little song that helps that her lyrics and voice keep it real. “Falling” is more a word lyric song that has a chorus that repeats it the title of the song. She really knows how to keep you listening to her music. Like a shift of Patti Smith to Tori Amos then has such interesting vocal styles and off tempo songs.

I Am Not a Monster” is her tirade of sorts she swears a bit and says the “C” word and no the word is not cancer. 
There is a cool mood and beat happening on “Love Goes Where Love Goes” (remix) I have not heard the original version of this song but I sure like this one. I like her voice and her strength in the words.
The title track has a different approach to the music than the other songs showing her versatility as an artist.
The Circus is back in town” is a slow melodic song that has a guitar and some strings and Nancy’s lyrics and voice that truly add to this nice toned song.

She sings with such honesty and her voice on “Wake Up” is a song I think to a broken relationship that has left her wanting more, the tone of this song is sad.

What would we do if the world stopped”? has some great crescendos and a good low bass and piano keys are played nicely the buildup keeps coming, the chorus repeats for a while. Nancy’s voice is a nice addition to the voice of women.

Where are all the beautiful people”? is a song to inspire and is about believing in oneself, I really enjoy her music and will have to add this album to my collection, thanks Nancy for this great album.

Thank you for reading this
Written by
Anthony Nadeau

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