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CD Review: Napalm Death Utilitarian(2012)Updated Nov 4 2012--Tour Dates & New Video!!

01. Circumspect
02. Errors In The Signals
03. Everyday Pox
04. Protection Racket
05. The Wolf I Feed
06. Quarantined
07. Fall On Their Swords
08. Collision Course
09. Orders Of Magnitude
10. Think Tank Trials
11. Blank Look About Face 
12. Leper Colony
13. Nom De Guerre
14. Analysis Paralysis
15. Opposite Repellent
16. A Gag Reflex
17. Aim Without An Aim (bonus track)
18. Everything In Mono (bonus track)

This Grindcore/Death Metal band has been blasting the eardrums for over 30 years and show no signs of slowing down with their new release(Feb 28, 2012)Utilitarian.

There are 17 incredibly fierce and brutal songs on this album where death feels most eminent in the first songs Circumspect and Errors in the Signals to the last track, there is no mercy for the weak or those that they had no intention of hearing their music.

The amazing brutality of the vocals and the never ending pounding of the drums it is incredible that they don't lose a voice recording let alone performing live.

The Wolf I Feed is (for me anyways) the best track on the album it has a great range and shows why Napalm Death still is in the lead for Grindcore/Death Metal.
This is their 14th album for that alone regardless of any band speaks volumes and says allot about the longevity of bands in Metal.

Renowned as one of the most reliable and hardest working bands in extreme music, NAPALM DEATH are currently on the road all across Russia, will head over to Canada in October and already confirmed appearances at the 2012 editions of Wacken (D), Neurotic Deathfest (NL) and Maryland Deathfest (USA).

Confirmed Dates for  the remainder of 2012

26.10. Springfield, VA @ Empire w/ Exhumed, Vektor
27.10. New York, NY @ Gramercy Theater w/ Exhumed, Vektor
28.10. New London, CT @ El N Gee w/ Exhumed, Vektor
29.10. Boston, MA @ Middle East w/ Exhumed, Vektor
31.10. Montreal, QC @ Les Foufounes Electriques w/ Exhumed, Vektor
01.11. Toronto, ON @ The Opera House w/ Exhumed, Vektor
02.11. Austin, TX @ Fun Fun Fun Fest
03.11. Chicago, IL @ Reggie's
04.11. St Paul, MN @ Station-4
05.11. Winnipeg, MB @ Osborne Village Inn w/ Exhumed, Dayglo Abortions
06.11. Regina, SK @ Riddell Centre w/ Exhumed, Dayglo Abortions
07.11. Edmonton, AB @ The Pawn Shop w/ Exhumed, Dayglo Abortions (SOLD OUT)
09.11. Vancouver, BC @ Rickshaw Theater w/ Exhumed, Dayglo Abortions
10.11. Seattle, WA @ Showbox SODO w/ Gwar, Devildriver, Exhumed, Attitude Adjustment, Martha Splatterhead's Revenge, Cancer Bats
11.11. Portland, OR @ Hawthorne Theater w/ Exhumed, Attitude Adjustment
12.11. Oakland, CA @ Oakland Metro w/ Exhumed, Attitude Adjustment
13.11 Santa Ana, CA @ Observatory w/ Repulsion, Exhumed, Attitude Adjustment
14.11. Hollywood, CA @ House Of Blues w/ Dwarves, Exhumed, Attitude Adjustment
16.11. Tempe, AZ @ Rocky Point w/ Exhumed, Attitude Adjustment
17.11. El Paso, TX @ House Of Rock w/ Exhumed
18.11. Ft Worth, TX @ Rail Club w/ Exhumed, Speedwolf
20.11. Nashville, TN @ Exit In w/ Exhumed, Speedwolf
21.11. Lexington, KY @ Buster's w/ Exhumed, Speedwolf
23.11. Richmond, VA @ Kingdom w/ Exhumed, Speedwolf
24.11. Charlotte, NC @ The Casbah w/ Exhumed, Speedwolf
25.11. Knoxville, TN @ The Valarium w/ Exhumed, Speedwolf
26.11. Birmingham, AL @ Zydeco w/ Exhumed, Speedwolf
27.11. New Orleans, LA @ Siberia w/ Exhumed, Speedwolf
29.11. Jacksonville, FL @ Brewster's Roc Bar w/ Exhumed, Speedwolf
30.11. Atlanta, GA @ Terminal West w/ Exhumed, Speedwolf
01.12. Tampa, FL @ Orpheum Theater w/ Exhumed, Speedwolf
02.12. Miami, FL @ Grand Central
03.12.- 07.12. Miami – Barge To Hell Festival (USA)

Earlier this year (March 5th ) they re-released SCUM their 1987 debut album.
Original NAPALM DEATH guitarist and founding member MICK HARRIS states: "It sounds wicked - that record still holds up today and I'm proud I was part of it."
The limited edition SCUM CD comes housed in a digipak sleeve and includes the previously unreleased rough mix of the entire album as a bonus, complete with original ad libs and intros from the studio and an alternate version of the title track. 

                              "The Wolf I Feed Video:

The band has worked hard to garner the respect that allot of bands in any genre of music would beg for , however at the same token this type of music really never gets the respect it deserves, that is with a very few people that can appreciate it for what it is.
Thank you for reading this
Written by
Anthony Nadeau

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