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CD Review: Oddland-The Treachery Of Senses(2012)

Oddland-The Treachery of Senses(2012)

Released: April 30(EU)-May 8(North America)
(Century Media Records)

                              Song Titles:

1. Above And Beyond

2. Flooding Light

 3. In The Eyes of The Mourning

 4. Aisle Of Array

 5. Past The Gates

6. Still The Spirit Stays

7. In Endless Endeavour

8. Sewers

 9. Lines Of Silver Blood

10. Ire

More often than not, winners and fan favourites in today’s highly publicized music contests– no matter where in the world they take place – fail to do more than release a hit single or two before disappearing from the public eye. Finnish progressive metal band ODDLAND took just such a path on their way to securing their deal with Century Media, having won the majority of the Suomi Metal Star contest jury members, but they’re destined to be anything but a flash in the pan.(Band Bio)

This crisp and Progressive Metal band is really diverse in it's playing with songs like "Flooding Light", Still the Spirit Stays where they branch out and try something out of the ordinary by having the song change tempos and styles throughout, this album is definitely needing of a 2nd listen just to catch all that is happening here.
There are ballads and a nice mix of vocal styles throughout and the band sounds really tight, this is another great album this year.

Revered by veteran producer Dan Swanö as “one of the best album I have mixed, ever!” The Treachery Of Senses features a young band that clearly isn’t afraid of spitting in the face of current metal trends while keeping things aggressive yet playful. Case in point with Ojanen’s vocals, which come off as a mix between Tool’s Maynard Keenan and Faith No More’s Mike Patton as he neatly sidesteps the death metal growl approach so many newcomers rely on to fit in.(Band Bio)

I really enjoy their sound and can see why the judges voted them onto the label. I hope this album does well for them they are very talented players all around.

Thank you for reading this
Written by(& compiled )
Anthony Nadeau

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