Monday, April 23, 2012

EP Review: Ideal Zero(2012)

Song Tracks
Free Again
Perfect Prey
I Will Rise
Beneath The Sun

In conversations through email last week with Irina(Lead vocals) she sent me this information. She was also kind enough to send me a digital copy of their EP.

The album was recorded with Brett Hestla (of Creed and Dark New Day) at Hestla Production Studios in Florida. 

We've been together 2 years exactly today(April 20), the EP was just released April 17th, and yes, it was released independently.  

We are a 5 piece, my husband and I formed the band along with his long time friend. I would say the thing that sets us apart is that all 5 of us come from extremely different musical and cultural backgrounds and we have found a way to bring all of our styles together in a collective sound.

My husband (Keyboards) brings the classical element to our music. Our music has a high focus on the piano and keys. He and our guitar player grew up together in a small town in Alabama.

Our guitar player has a background in Metal, our bass player in classical rock and 80's hair metal .

Our drummer is from Alaska and just joined our band a year ago and is our youngest member, he takes his influences from the newer rock styles.

I really don't have any background in music. My father was a musician, but I didn't begin exploring my own musical capabilities until a couple of years ago. I grew up listening to all kinds of music from all over the world, but mainly pop and rock. I was born in Romania during the time of communism.

I aim to express the importance of individuality and freedom of self-expression in our lyrics. 

We are in reality JUST embarking on this musical journey, it's only been a few days since our debut album was released, but we are planning to record our first full length at Hestla Studios again within the next year or so.

This album has some interesting sounds and the vocals are simular to that of Lacuna Coil's sound and that is ok, this is just a comparison.
"Surrender" has good piano start and good vocals to get going the vocal sound really helps move this song along.

With the rock and metal landscape ever being  growing with female lead singers I applaud their willingness to get into the mix. With the right push this band could go places, as with any artist they just need the help to get noticed. I always enjoy hearing new music.

"Free Again" is the strongest song on this EP and I would think that this will start getting radio play.
"Perfect Play" has some great drums playing on it and the guitar has the right sound only complaint about the album is it is hard to hear the bass on the songs.

Arina's voice is really strong in this version of
"Beneath The Sun"

I thank you for reading this
Written by( compiled parts from an email)
Anthony Nadeau

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