Tuesday, April 24, 2012

EP Review: The Monks of Mellonwah-Nerogenisis(2012)

Release May 24, 2012
Song Titles
NeverEnding Spirit
You Shine
Nerogenisis(Radio Edit)

Having heard of this band while working for another site, I will say this I probably would not have met the wonderful people that are still kind enough to let me listen to all this music without having worked for Rockstar Weekly.Also on that same site I was able to interview this same band there.

Having heard their first EP I was excited to get this one sent my way direct of their promotion company. Here is the title song from this EP.

Coming off their big win for "Best Indie Rock Artist" at
the Artists in Music Awards 2012, and being nominated for best
International Artist in the LA Music Awards, Sydney's buzz act Monks
of Mellonwah are now ready to release their new EP "Neurogenesis". (press release)

They have a really strong sound that resonates with the listener long after they play a song of theirs. The song "Neverending Spirit" is the strongest song on this EP, an update about 2 weeks ago in their Facebook page stated that they are shooting the video for said song.
The track from their first EP "Swamp Groove" is a catchy little number.

I thank you for reading this
Written by
Anthony Nadeau

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