Thursday, April 19, 2012

Love For All Things Metal: Maple Ridge British Columbia

Ok we know that allot of the big cities in this crazy world bring us some of the best metal, but have you ever checked your own backyard? Guess what you will find allot of different types of music, but metal and people that are good at it too?

Three of the bands here I saw last year at Adstock 2011 and they all had a sound all their own, even though they were all inspired by allot of the same bands. Regime, All Consuming Black & Northern Guard were all there and ready to rock the crowd even though the major audience was there to see Ninjaspy & some punk bands like The Bone Daddies & D.O.A.

Northern Guard

This group was hard & heavy from the start and never let up they don't have any promo shots out.They have a Death Metal sound and are quite good in their own right.

                      Northern Guard MySpace Page

All Consuming Black
                              All Consuming Black MySpace Page

These guys have some real promise with some original written songs.They are still in high school and I applaud their determination.

This is the group that I found really tight that day out of the metal acts, they had good group elements and really played hard. With a song "Pay No Mind" that is their own it is sooo heavy and great guitars and bass here.They are a great group of guys so ready to chat and eager to share their experience as a band and the fun they have playing their music.
                                                Regime on My Space

                                          Angel Down

This band has broken up and I think they are in the process of getting back together, but I don't know. I had the chance to talk to the lead singer Gordie where I work he came in and gave me a copy of their Cd. I myself hope they do get back together as I quite like their sound.
Above is a video of their music and some interviews as well.

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