Thursday, April 26, 2012

Love For All Things Metal: Pantera: The Whole Story

In no relation to the magazine Revolver I would like to take this chance to celebrate the Special Edition of Revolver totally dedicated to:

With the magazine they had asked certain performers their thoughts on what their favorite Pantera song was.
Here I will share those thoughts and the videos they describe.I will only post who liked the song and what page number the quote is on, so you can read it yourself. That way it won't cause friction with Revolver and maybe this will help sell more copies.

"Cowboys From Hell"
Rob Halford(Judas Priest)says this is his favorite song by them
(page 16)

"Cemetary Gates"
Christina Scabbia(Lacuna Coil)like this "ballad" by the band.
(page 20)


M.Shadows(Avenged Sevenfold) likes this one!
(page 29)


Kerry King(Slayer)says turn it up as loud as it will go!
(page 30)
"I'm Broken"

Tom Morello(Rage Against The Machine, Street Sweeper Social Club, The Nightwatchmen)says he wishes he wrote that riff!(page 36)

"Yesterday Don't Mean Shit"

Ben Bruce(Asking Alexandria)likes this one(page 38)

"Death Rattle"

Sebastion Bach(Skid Row)like this one most(page 40)

"A New Level"

Jerry Cantrell(Alice In Chains)page 51 & Scott Ian(Anthrax)page 67


The most recognized song by this band but they have SO many good songs.
This was picked by David Draiman(Disturbed)page 53

"Regular People(Conceit)"

Brent Smith(Shinedown)picks this one!-page 59

"This Love"

Robb Flynn(Machine Head)-page 62- is also a fan of this song that is a ballad/thrash song! I LOVE this song!LOVE Vinnie Paul's playing on this one.

                              "No Good(Attack The Radical)"
Ivan Moody(Five Finger Death Punch) picks this one

There you have it if you are a fan of Pantera I cannot tell you enough that you need this Special Edition of Revolver Magazine.
Don't know where to buy it? or your local store won't get Revolver?
Then either subscribe to the magazine (like I have)
or you can just buy the magazine from them I am sure.

Revolver Magazine.Com(click here)

Now: Here are some of my personal Picks along with that is already here there are some kick-ass songs that I LOVE!

Drag The Waters!

Revolution Is My Name

Mouth For War


This video debuted this year from their album "Vulgar Display Of Power" as a lost track-this is also on the album to guarantee sales of the album which has been re-issued and remastered.

Thanks for reading this
Written by(and compiled)by
Anthony Nadeau

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