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Magical Music: Interview with G. Tom Mac

I feel very good having the pleasure of  interviewing  this man if you do not know his work at all, here I will save a search on the Internet.
He wrote & sang  the lead in song for "The Lost Boys" with  "Cry Little Sister" 

He then wrote one that KISS really liked as well , "Is That You"? they put as song #1 on  their "Unmasked" album.

I will continue with some of that for you but let's get to the interview shall we?

With the song "Soul I Bare" how did that all come about as it starts off slow and builds into a big crescendo and then really rocks- 
I love the vocal arrangement on it.
I had written the basic idea a couple of years ago, & I was scoring an Indie film that Soul I Bares vibe seemed to work, so I finished it, the film came & went. But I'm pleased that 'Soul I Bare' got finished as a result of the pressure to make it work for the film.

How is it to write songs for yourself compare to writing for others and the movies-or is it all the same process?

The dynamics are different in writing for other artists, as you have to become them & tap into their vocal sound & more importantly their soul.
Writing for a film is an already laid out inspiration with it's  story already. 
For me I tend to stay out of the way of the story lyrically & bring an emotion, or feel that compliments a scene.
Writing for myself? a process of recognizing pure honesty at all times.
Not always easy, not that I'm dishonest! (laughs)

Here is the NEW video for his new album, I love the beat of this song and the upbeat and fun of it all, great song!

The New album(out April 10th)are there any other artists that contributed to this album? Also how did the recording of this album go was it a long process or did everything play out OK?
& how does it compare to your previous recordings?

The song "Watch over me" features a very talented & unique sounding female artist Tadia Taylor.

Heard her one night in a local LA club & knew she was the voice for the chorus of that song. With the exception of the 2 gospel backup singers on "Not ready to die" Tony Silver my co-producer & myself played all the instruments on the album, jammin' out some 30 some songs to get the right thread of 11 songs to work together.

Every album has it's beast, demons & jungles to go through, always a new adventure. In comparing it to my other albums? It didn't come as easily at first, as I kept questioning it's vision, at first I thought I wanted it to be a healing the soul & hearts of this broken down time we live in, but that seemed so uninteresting, &  then I had a breakthrough with my song "Say it's OK" & for some reason that song made everything else become realized as an untaming of sorts, & then I wrote "Untame the song" which created the title UNTAME The SONGS. 

The rest of the band who are they and is there any history here&previous recordings together?

The Live band consists of Tony Silver on Bass, Dave Fisher Drums & percussion & myself on guitar & of course vocals, quite a tight & compact Rockin' unit.

We lost a legend today(April 5, 2012)in Jim Marshall(creator of Marshall amps) and feelings on that and the man?

Still taking it in, always sad to see the good ones leave us.

Who are your inspirations for getting into the music scene, past and present.

Answer; John Lennon, Stevie Wonder,
Trent Rezner. gives me hope that the more we stretch boundaries, the more you've really lived the dream as an artist. But I feel that way about Miles Davis & I love the Shins!

Is there a person(singer)or band that you wish you could write a song for?

Adele & Aretha Franklin doing a duet, how's that for a writing task?

Do you find it easier to write songs now or is it still a difficult process?

It comes easy when I'm not in my damn way, I love those times.
It's hard when you've got a great verse & you have to wait & process finding that chorus, not just any chorus, "THE ONE"! that speaks volumes in subtlety.

Any plans on touring the record?

2012 into 2013 I plan on touring until I reach the few million fans around the world that I have. It's my pleasured  obligation. & then I'll drop.

Whats your first musical memory?

Playing my High School & feeling like I arrived, no better joy that summer night!

How would you best describe your music?

Melodic, with enough attitude that keeps the Rock & Pop in perspective.

Response; Thank you Anthony, now go on & Untame a song for yourself!

G. Tom Mac also re-recorded an AWESOME version of "Cry Little Sister" for the HBO Series "True Blood" I love the rawness of the song.

In closing I would really like to thank G. Tom Mac for the quick response to my email interview.
As well as Shauna O' Donnell from New Ocean Media for making it happen.

Here is an album preview for his New album in stores this Tuesday April 10th, 2012

Thanks you for reading this
Written by
Anthony Nadeau

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