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Magical Music: Interview with Rev from the band "Underride"

When I had worked for Rockstar Weekly I had the opportunity to hear all types of different music. This band was brought to my attention and I was asked to interview them. I was kindly given permission to publish the interview here.
(Back L to R)El Barto-Bass, Suzuki Sixx-Guitar, Double A-Drums(Front-L to R)Rev-Vocals, Princess-Guitar.

I had asked the band a few questions and Rev was kind enough to answer them for me.

Where does the name of originate from?

Underride is a Dot term for driving a car under the ass-end-of of a 
semi-tractor trailer, usually resulting in decapitation  Yum!

The tour you just finished on the 10th of March this was a quick tour 18 shows in 21 days why such a desire to play that many cities in that short of time?

I think the booking agent was trying to kill us....We averaged 400 
miles a day a freaking VAN. YUP no dedicated bus or 
driver....just the life on the road living the dream. Certainly you 
want to minimize down-time on the road and play  as much
as  possible but even the toughest vocalist and crew dudes, need a break after 5 or 6 shows straight. Cry Babies!

Also with the tour over, are you excited to get some well deserved rest?...or are you still wanting to play?

I just got back from the doctor. They jacked me up with meds to get ready for the next tour. I slept for three days straight only  getting up to chug Nyquill and Jack Daniels but ya...I wanna play  again.I wanna play rock as long as we have fans who want The Rock Show. We just got the word that we're going back out in April with Burn Halo. NOw that's a rock band my friend. One month...26 rest for the weary. I'm all in!!

One more tour related question: How did the band do as far as getting along for that many days on this tour?

We get nutty after about 20 days in the van. The first week is fun and a lot of joking around. The second week is calm and just chill hangin'. The third is like hey man put your fucking shoes on 'cause your feet smell like cabbage and corn dogs rotting in the sun. By   the fourth week it's elbows to the face and a full body tackle in the parking lot  of Motel 6 at 4 am followed by the Ultimate Omelet feast alone at Denny's

By week five it comes back around as funny goofing off but the jokes are off-color and semi-personal. We usually take it out on the local sound guy if he's willing to play along but, honestly...we  do get along surprisingly well.

Here is a promo video for them covering Lady Gaga's song 


Who are the main influences for the band music wise?

We're into rock. Just rock. Or maybe more like melodic hard rock or even glam rock. Anything from The Foo Fighters to T-Rex or  Foxy Shazam or Motley Crue, Queen to ZZ Top, Beautiful Creatures, Kings X, John Tesh & The Hoff & even Lady Gaga.

There are some really good rock songs on this album Distorted Nation who does the writing for the band?

We all play a part in the process as it is truly a band. Usually the  riffs come from Princess & El Barto. We jam on it and flex it into  a super basic song structure. I take it for a few days and cook up some vocals and then we jam that together on the floor again.

If we still like it, then we work it into a song with solos and 
intros....maybe drop in a bridge and different angles. We might play it for a week or so and then we just record the song in our rehearsal space. That's pretty much the way we recorded "Distorted Nation"

Being that you are from Seattle do you feel(or are you)inspired by the grunge scene that is so associated with that city?

We obviously came from the less serious side of it you 
if it's Alice in Chains doing Queen of the Rodeo....then yes. 
I'm a huge Gruntruck and Soundgarden fan too but our tunes
are not that heavy and a bit more light-hearted, lyrically.
Don't forget, plenty of other great music came outa Seattle 
too. Remember that dude who played guitar upside-down?
What was his name Jimi who(?)...I also should remind y'all of
The Sonics, Heart, Steve Miller, Duff Mckagan of Guns and 
Loaded fame..and of course, the mighty Liquor Box.

What would you like people to know about Underide?

I've heard that Distorted Nation is the best hard rock record since 
"Appetite For Destruction"! Dunno if it's true but it might be worth a spin.  Look, we're just guys playing rock. We're not trying to change the world..we're just trying to throw a party! We call "it" the Rock Show because  that's what it is...a fucking kick-ass rock fueled good time that deserves to be had by everyone. You're invited!

Porn Star is that song meant for someone in particular?I hear some Stone Temple Pilots influences here is that right?

Oh my sweet dear Anthony, nothing gets by you my friend. 

PS is  an old tune that Princess wrote for his old band a long while ago.

They never used it and I happened to hear it one day before 
rehearsal. Being a huge STP fan, I instantly was drawn to the 
revolving heavy guitar riff and the swagger of the drum yes it's that rock formula that I cannot seem to wean myself from.

Like a deformed crack baby sucking on the ever bulbous teat of  rock music....I must drink until all of the mammories are gone!

I thank you for your time on this interview

We super-thank you for playing along and giving rock bands like

Underride the platform from which to spew or nonsensical mussing out 

and upon the world!

This interview was possible by the folks at Rockstar Weekly and Shauna

O' Donnell from New Ocean Media

I thank everyone for their time on it all.

By Anthony Nadeau

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