Friday, April 6, 2012

Review: Air Collison(2012)

This is an average  film that right away there is trouble in the skies there is a satalite that has blown and is orbiting out of control this is where Bob Abbott(Reginald VelJohnson)comes in he is the air traffic controller for this film. He is called by Lindsay Bates(Jordan Ladd)who tells him that there is a satalite that has crashed to Earth, but he ininvertly tells her he has to go as he has an intern that he is training!--Really? Things go bad to worse, when we get to the planes, ok someone was surely a fan of "2001: A Space Odessy" as there is a system malfuntion where the Acat Program takes over all operations on the plane where everyone on board and anyone that comes to help are considered hostile and are dealt with.
The acting is b grade at best but I mean the actors are only able to work with what they were given and that can be told to the Writer/Director Liz Adams her first film.
There have been so many disaster films and maybe she has been a fan, but this is not a tribute to other disaster films. Sorry but think of the worst disaster film you might have watched-whatever it is this is worse.
Director Liz Adams working with the actors

I have seen allot of films in my years I love movies of all types have seen every disaster film and almost every action film, I did not see anything original here.
With the satalites down there is no clear trajectory for them to navagate the planes by, the planes both lose communication with the tower(or booth). So by the seat of their pants both planes are being driven through the air with no idea where they might be headed.
There was a good part of the film where the DC9 has lost all power and the scenes where the plane lost altitude is quite well done the suspense was decent here, definitly the stronger part of the film.

The DC9 & Air Force One are headed right towards each other for a very long time, the people on the ground are trying their best to get in contact with both planes.
At the very end of the film there is the scene that we all want to see whether the planes actually collide or will they miss? Well I will say this the DC9 makes one of the worst landing I have ever seen and yet when the plane explodes in 2 minutes time the fire has put itself out.
I was really excited to see this film come to the house as I have enjoyed both lead actors in other films everyone who likes Action films knows who Reginald is but Jordan Ladd was in "Cabin Fever" and is the daughter of my one my biggest crushes Cheryl Ladd.
If you like cheesy, b-films then maybe you will like this but it will be up to you to find that out.

Please bear with the fact that I was quite excited to see this film as I had seen the trailer for it on one of The Asylum's other DVD's but like allot of films these days the trailer is always better.

I thank you for reading this
Written by
Anthony Nadeau

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