Saturday, May 19, 2012

Cd Review: Bare Knuckle Conflict-Imperium

Released August 30, 2011
(Turkey Vulture Records)

1.Bloody Knuckles
2.Authority Figure
4.Paper Doll
5.Memory Lapse
6.Hard Pill
8.Pawns Of Tomorrow
10.Black Eye

From St. Louis MO, and Granite City IL, formed in 2003, Bare Knuckle Conflict has been tearing up stages in the Midwest ever since. This is an incredible second album of great Heavy Metal this is easily one of my favorite albums of this year even though it was released last year-this has a raw 
energy that cannot be explained here.

Listen to them!

This is just a pleasure to review such a good album especially on the first Anniversary of my blog!!
The guitar riffs and the vocals along with the drums it all works so well for this album.

The songs never lets down or sounds limited in its Hard N Heavy sound this band will definitly go places, great find here. This album is so good I actually do not have a favorite song as they all kick ass!

Black Eye might be my favorite song if I actually had to pick a song-but WOW-holy shit man this is one fantastic album!!
Thanks guys for keeping it real!!

Thank you for reading this
Written by
Anthony Nadeau

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jewelsftw said...

couldnt agree more on how great this album is!! Fantastic musicians with awesome stage energy!!!!