Thursday, May 10, 2012

CD Review: Chris Klimecky--This Journey(2012)

Chris Klimecky is a producer and musician from the Seattle area. As the son of a professional symphonic violinist, Chris began his classical musical training early, but it was a chance encounter with  Van Halen's "1984" at the age of 11 which triggered the start down a rock guitar path. Originally from Michigan, he toured much of the Midwest in the 90's as frontman for melodic prog rock band Jester's Crown, releasing two full length Cd's - Above the Storm (1995) and Away (1998) - as well as the acoustic EP Where Daydreams Play (1996).

His love for rock music is evident on this album he has allot of different things happening on the songs ,and shows his versatility as a guitarist and singer.
The title song has a riff that is catchy he hit some high notes and has good backup vocals to add to the song. Kicks it up a notch in the second half of the song.

Sunshine & Misery is also a great song, with some off tempo sounds and somewhat off-key backup vocals, makes for some interesting music for sure!.

Here is the video for:
                                   "The Age Old Story"

"Lap of Luxury" has some cool guitar work going on in this one.

I enjoyed this album, there were parts where I wanted a bit more from him but hard to express what that was exactly, enjoyable non the less.

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Anthony Nadeau

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