Thursday, May 10, 2012

CD Review: Jodi Shaw-In Waterland(2012)

Released May 15, 2012
(Working Brilliantly PR)

Images of water and the sea drenched her imagination during the conception of this, Jodi's third full-length album. There is a riptide pull to the music, as it urges the listener to hang on every haunting word.
Jodi has played to standing room only audiences and has toured through England, Holland, Denmark and the Czech Republic. She has been awarded the Songwriters Hall of Fame Abe Olman Award for Excellence in Songwriting and was chosen to exhibit her work for Soundgate 2010 in Aalbarg, Denmark.
The water is most prevalent in this tribute to what is a treat to the listener, early reviews have her compared to Tori Amos & Fiest. She clearly has found her own voice with these songs and has a vocal style all her own.

The Mystery of Love MP3(have a listen to her here)

The music on her album is as calming as the picture above, take this from someone who normally listens to Hard Rock/Heavy Metal music, she has a calming voice. "The Witch" she has warts on her toes & her tits are some of the words in a song that works for so many reasons, this is  a labour of love her album.

Here's hoping that her album gets some exposure songs like "Jack & Jill" are really strong pieces that really reach to the soul.

She has some real interesting tones and structures to her songs and will look forward to more from her in the future.
"Fellas" is a great groove of a song, nice bass line throughout.

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Anthony Nadeau

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