Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cd Review:D-Railed-D-Railed

Tim Standridge - Lead Vocals 
Kyle Lutrell - Lead Guitar 
Lou Menk - Rhythm Guitar I Vocals 
Dan (Deedz) Stefl - Bass Guitar and Vocals 
Brian Casanover - Drums and piano

Song Titles:

1)intro-just sound of an oncoming train
2) Buried Inside
3) This Is Mine
4) I'll Be There
5) Screams of Innocence
6) The Fallen
7) Step Down
8) Gone
9) Frontline
10) Anthem

This bands name when searched on Google there are three bands with the same name,spelling of the names are different,  this band hails from St Louis. The have a great sound- "Gone" is a awesome I cannot stop playing this song, "Anthem" also and "I'll Be There" are the stronger songs for me anyways, the album rocks anyways but these stand out best.

(This was sent to me by their management via-email)
They are in the process of working on finalizing a new video for Buried Inside. This will be debuting this summer. The Stages and Cages tour through the western area starts on June 22nd in St Joseph MO and ends up in LA California on June 30th.Lots of new things on the horizon for them. We are going to be sending these guys to the Scott Air Force Base I believe Aug 24th the date is being finalized by the base. They are involved again in the Indie Fest out in Sullivan Mo. I am not sure how far ahead to go but they have out of town dates on the books not yet marked on the website all the way through OCT.

I wish this band all the best in future I see them going far and having success.

Reverbnation Page for Derailed

Voodoo Queen

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