Sunday, May 20, 2012

CD Review:Headspace-I Am Anonymous(2012)


                                        Available: May 21st, 2012
                                             (Inside Out Music)

Song Titles: 

1. Stalled Armageddon
2. Fall of America
3. Soldier
4. Die With A Bullet
5. In Hell's Name
6. Daddy Fucking Loves You
7. Invasion
8. The Big Day

Headspace line-up:
Adam Wakeman – keyboards
Damian Wilson – vocals
Pete Rinaldi – guitars
Lee Pomeroy – bass
Richard Brook – drums

(from the band's bio)

“We’re quite open about our influences because that’s the music that we love. There’s RUSH, YES, GENESIS, a lot of bands. We even give a tip of the hat to DREAM THEATER in a few sections. That’s all a part of what we are.” So says HEADSPACE keyboardist Adam Wakeman when discussing their new band and the full length debut, I Am Anonymous. That doesn't mean, however, the band is dependent on the greatness of others to make themselves of worth to the progressive metal masses. On the contrary, the influences Wakeman mentions only serve to enhance what was an
ambitious, talent-driven project from the very beginning.

This is a well orchestrated album and incredibly off-tempo on allot of the time.Not your run of the mill sounding band, although there are similarities to allot of what is out there right now-this is different-time changes, musical mastery and just good all around song writing.
Take for instance the song "Die With a Bullet" a ballad with a twist, a very complex piece to play I imagine -just the drums alone sound fantastic."Soldier" is just a piano and a bell ringing with beautiful vocals."In Hell's Name" has a pitch all it's own

Indeed, with players like Adam Wakeman – a branch off the Yes family tree courtesy of legendary keysman and father Rick Wakeman – vocalist Damian Wilson (THRESHOLD), and bassist Lee Pomeroy's connections to Steve Hackett, Rick Wakeman and IT BITES, Headspace was destined to go in their “unashamedly prog” direction. Add to this drummer Richard Brook and Pomeroy’s long history of playing together as a rhythm section on numerous projects, resulting in a familiarity that gives Headspace a solid foundation . People may be surprised to find, however, that for a band led by a keyboardist and vocalist – at least on paper – I Am Anonymous is a heavily guitar oriented record.

This just is an awesome record album to listen to there are so many things happening here musically that make you listen in awe that it is that blend of music and well versed musicians playing their instruments so well, and with each other.

Thank you for reading this
Written by
Anthony Nadeau

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