Thursday, May 3, 2012

EP Review: In Cages(2012)

Released June 23, 2012
(No Label)

Not yet signed by a label this foursome from New Jersey has some comparisons to Nirvana & The Pixes, I enjoyed the sounds they got from the instruments maybe not something new but it delivers something good to the ears and that is good music.

Below you can go to their website and with the entry of your email you can get 3 of their songs for FREE!!

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In Cages pay little attention to modern trends, instead opting to play
their own focused brand of modern indie rock. The band are booked for
a host of indie festivals this Summer (Digable Arts Festival, Le
Grande Fromage, David & Goliath music series, Cupcake Festival).

MY favorite song on the album is:
Walk Away great song!

I thank you for reading this
Written by
Anthony Nadeau

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