Wednesday, May 2, 2012

EP Review: Morningstar-Morningstar(2012)

Song Titles:

Miller's Court

This no nonsense band gets right to the rock and roll they sound really tight as a band on this 3 song EP-sad to hear only 3 songs as I am wanting more some really well structured songs and the vocals really suit the music.
I am very excited to hear more from this band and hope that others take a listen to them and request some more music from them.If you like classic rock n roll then Morningstar are for you.
Previously an all male band, Morningstar singers Steve and Mike were vocally tutored by vocal coach Beth Tysall, who agreed to perform with the guys for one night only as an exclusive gig – but due to the success of the night and a clear connection on stage between all who performed, Beth permanently joined the band, marking the new era of Morningstar as we know it now.

Currently flying through the rounds of Surface Unsigned, Morningstar are preparing to take the crowd and judges by storm at the Semi-finals later this year, and whilst being kept an eye on by the fans of Roadrunner Records, cannons are poised as they stand firm in “Sign me to Roadrunner’s” top ten of unsigned bands.
Available on iTunes, Tesco online and HMV online, Morningstar’s latest three tracks are available for download.

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