Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Movie Review: Nazis At The Center of the Earth(2012)

I have to start by thanking Courtney Hagen at The Asylum for sending me a number of copies of this film, the first two never arrived the third she sent via Fed Ex.

The film starts with a battle that takes place many decades ago in the days of Hitler's rise, the army is trying to get a piece of equipment safely transferred.

Jump ahead a few many years and a group of scientists are researching in the Antarctic and two of them- Mark & Paige are abducted by the nazi guards.
Looking more like they were going to be in a giant bug movie with a humongous can of Raid than a Nazi film-none the less thats what is there.

Mark is strapped to a table and has his face removed-not quite sure here but they fill you in later.

Of course with science leading the way there is always someone wanting to cash in on the chance of immortality and more money. I will not spoil who that is but will say he is not the one driving....oops! He then fills the others in that the nazis used the area for Nazi/Ufo research and Genetics & Organ Transports.

The women are taken to the showers, Angela & May are betrayed by Silje-Angela is eaten alive by some of the zombies.
May is operated on to try and revive Adolf Hitler from the grave.

Then the movie gets to the best part as it gets real cheezy and good at the same time. The battle scenes between the UFO & the planes are the best part of the movie.
Also these are the pics that I cannot find anywhere on the web, oh well.
Then Hitler is brought to life-his head anyways.

So he is like the Terminator(of sorts)
I enjoyed this romp, however I have never found the German/Hitler really camp/comedy type of material-this never took itself seriously -allot of fun if you let it be fun-it's just a movie folks, seriously!

The special effects were quite good in allot of this, considering it being a small budget film.
Thank you for reading this
Written by
Anthony Nadeau

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