Saturday, May 19, 2012

Thanks to all of you Happy First Anniversary!!

(Images above are the first 2 images I ever created for this blog)

Today is my first anniversary of this blog. From the start I kind of did things off the fly not knowing really what I was doing. There are so many websites and blogs out in the internet world that I did not know if this would work.
I have kept at it with some of you sharing things with me I started trying interviews last year at Adstock some good some not so good, but you never get better without trying. Then an incredible thing happened last year when I was asked to write an article for a well respected magazine Cinema Editor and that was fantastic!
It was great to have my article in this issue as you see on the cover is George Clooney and one of the best films of last year "The Descendants"
Then I had a brief run at some reviewing and interviewing of folks at Rockstar Weekly. There I was given the chance to review some music-wow what an honor(I honestly mean that folks).

I was thrown into the mix on a award winning website and what a treat that was as I got to listen to all this free music and review it.
I since then have learnt to try and review the albums more like an information piece than an actual review where I might give a bad review etc and I give a little thought on what I thought of it, however if I like the album or movie then I will go on for days about it, like Dead Hooker In A Trunk.

Here is a video I made to promote the site(sort of)

I have been fortunate enough to meet some great people through all of this, whether it be authors, musicians, promoters, labels, filmmakers, wrestlers I applaud all your work and thank you all for your creations.
All the artists I been lucky enough to interview I thank you for sharing your stories. I look forward to many more to come.

I thank the labels:

Rising RecordsCentury Media RecordsNew Ocean Media
Turkey Vulture Records, Napalm Records, Superball Music, Working Brilliantly, Independent Music Promotions,  Inside Out Music.

I also would like to thank The Asylum for allowing me to review their movies. Also all of the authors Anita Viljoen, & Gordan Kirkland for their time-Anita for 2 times. Shane Clark from 3 Inches of Blood. G Tom Mac, The Rev(Underride), Absynth Aura
Hilary Grist, and many more to come as well I am sure.

I would most of all like to thank you the people for reading what I write here I am not the best writer-nor do I acclaim to be anything but someone that has a love for the arts whether it be music, movies, books-people in general-whatever it may be that is of interest to me I will try and get out on my blog. Now I never have had any notion of being a media source for news etc, sometimes I do articles on music or movie reviews but never about what is happening around the globe. I love to escape into the world of music & movies-there are 24 hour news channels if you care to turn to that, this will never be that.

Thanks again and here's to another year!!

Thank you for reading this
Written by
Anthony Nadeau

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Thank You

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