Thursday, May 17, 2012

TNA Impact goes LIVE & RAW goes 3 Hours

This has hardly been a weekly series sad to say as the wrestling shows of late(for me anyways)have been quite boring I am fast forwarding through all of the shows they are hardly worth watching right now.
However some big things in the wrestling TV shows to report.

To start off:

Yes it is true! Dixie Carter Tweeted that this is going to happen starting May 31, 2012. To try and compete with the big guys always isn't the best way as they found out when they went live with the show on Mondays and quickly went back to a taped thursday show.
Here is the full post on TNA's website

TNA Impact goes Live for the summer

Then there is this:
So with the 1,000th episode of Monday Night Raw(July 31st)as of that night it will be permantly 3 hours long-well as for me I have trouble keeping interested for 2 hours-so I doubt this is a good thing, unless they have a title match for the last hour.Either way that just means another hour on our butts when the weathers nice no thanks.
Here is the post on

RAW expands to three hours

Just so you wrestling fans know
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