Friday, May 11, 2012

Upcoming Films : Summer Of Sequels-Again!

This summer like any other summer has always had the BIG Blockbuster movies starting the May long weekend. Star Wars in 1977 kind of started that whole trend.
Now it is no longer a box office gamble, it is more of a competition now than it was back in 1977, however smaller films stay away from the Hollywood Heavyweights-there time is in the fall of each year.
This is some of the sequels/prequels happening this year.

May 25 we see Tommy Lee Jones & Will Smith pair up for a third:

Personally I never cared for the first film, never saw the 2nd -same goes for the third.

Then we have the animated films that just take on a life of their own:June 8th it hits theaters.

Now for the cheesy horror fans there is a sequel to Piranha:
July 1st

Then the Ice Age group return for a 4th
Ice Age: Continental Drift

The Bourne Legacy
August 3rd

Jeremy Renner takes over control where Matt Damon could not be for the 4th in the series.

My son Connor will be wanting to see this one he has all the books.
Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days
August 3rd

The Expendables 2: August 17th
Yes they are all back along with some new guys, Chuck Norris & Jean Claude Van Damme.

I thank you for reading this--see you at the movies!
Are there any you are excited about seeing? Let me know below.
Written by
Anthony Nadeau

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