Friday, June 22, 2012

CD Review: Mortillery-Murder Death Kill(2012)

 Murder Death Kill 
 Evil Remains
 Fritzl's Cellar 
 Despised By Blood 
 Countless Suicide 
Voracious Undead 
 Without Weapons 
Mortal Artillery 

Hailing from Edmonton, Alberta Canada this band keeps the Thrash alive and well. A force to be reckoned with a far as female thrash singers are concerned Cara can belt out a tune.
Photos By Michael Scorpio Photography

By song 4 I feel I have heard all of this before, however this is still a fast and unforgiving album-hold on fast blazing guitars and kickass drums.

Photos By Michael Scorpio Photography

There is always room for more heavy metal and this is welcome and if you have not yet heard them here is one of their songs from this album.

The pace never slows on this album and "Despised by Blood" is fast & heavy!The vocals impress over time just thrash singing is what it is Celene Dion fans dare not listen!!

Photos By Michael Scorpio Photography

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